Monday, February 27, 2017

Bridge, A New Online Platform – Building Bridges, Probing Intersections

Bridge offers a platform for writers and readers to cross into a multifaceted terrain, that of “Greek America.” For the purpose of this writing, I refer to Greek America as a wide range of collectives, institutions, organizations, and individuals that cultivate and animate Greek expressions in connection with the United States. These include the following: populations that claim a Greek label in self-ascription (“Greek Americans,” “Greeks in America,” “American Greeks,” etc.) and also in expression—participating or coordinating, for example, cultural events such as Greek film festivals; institutions such as Greek Orthodox parishes, US Modern Greek studies programs, and regional associations such as the Pancretan; or individuals, such as authors, artists, and others–regardless of ethnic background–who explore, either in public or in private, Greek/American intersections.

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