Sunday, May 30, 2010

Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora

The latest special issue of the Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora (35.2, 2009) features Egyptian Hellenism.


1. “Introduction,” by Dan Georgakas, Alexander Kitroeff and Matoula Tomara-Sideris

2. “The “Purge of the Greeks” from Nasserite Egypt: Myths and Realities,” by Alexander Kazamias

3. “The Emigration of Greeks from Egypt during the Early Post-War Years,” by Angelos Ntalachanis

4. “The Failure of Readjustment (Anaprosarmoge): The Post-war Egyptian Greek Experience,” by Anthony Gorman

5. “The Demographic Aspect of the Greek Flight from Egypt,” by Matoula Tomara-Sideri

6. “The Big Decision: Narrative as a Historical Source,” by Katerina Trimi-Kirou

7. “The Greek Exodus: An Egyptian Perspective,” by Abd Al-Wahhab Bakr

8. “Greece and the Mass Exodus of the Egyptian Greeks, 1956-66,” by John Sakkas

9. “The Greeks of Egypt in the United States,” by Alexander Kitroeff

10. “Recording Oral History: Memories of Alexandrians,” by Irini Chrysocheri

11. “The Decline of the Greek Presence in Egypt: An Archival Documentation,” by Panagiotis Koromvokis and Achilleas Rakinas

12. “The Greek Settlers’ Flight from Egypt: The Psychological Aspects,” by Nikos Sideris

13. “The Left, Nasser, and the Exodus of the Greeks from Egypt,” by Sophianos Chryssostomidis

14. “The Book of Nostos and the Big Decision,” by Panagiotis Karmatzos

15. “Literary Alexandria and Nostalgic Alexandrian Literature,” by Harry Tzalas

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