Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Reading for Youngsters, and Adults Too!

This is the time of the year that summer reading lists appear in virtually all kinds of publications. This blog cannot be an exception. My aim is modest. Rather than producing a canon of summer texts I wish to bring to your attention a neglected genre, juvenile literature for the Anglophone Greek diaspora.

If your family loves reading, or you are new to the world of books, here is one that will educate and delight your youngsters. It will fascinate adults too.

Written by author and cultural critic Sofka Zinovieff, it tells the story of emigration from Greece. Using maps, images, and text it takes its readers along the multiple routes associated with Greek emigration.

Topics include, "A Tradition of Travelling," "To Egypt and Britain," "To the United States," Postwar Emigration," "Greek Cypriots in Britain," "Forced to Migrate," "Guest Workers," "The Greeks Outside Greece," "Going Home," and "The Greeks Worldwide."

"The History of Emigration from Greece" is published by Franklin Watts (1996).
Happy reading!

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