Saturday, March 5, 2011

Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora Vol. 36 (1-2), 2010


7“The Cinematic Gaze in Early Greek Cinema (1905-1945),” by Vrasidas Karalis
45“Demythologizing Greek American Families,” by Anna Karpathakis and Dan Georgakas
63“Greek Anti-Americanism and Its Implications for the Relations Between Greece and the Hellenic Diaspora in the United States,” by Yannis A. Stivachtis
99“The Greek Case: The Truman Doctrine and British Manipulation of the United States,” by Spero S.Z. Paravantes
129“Caught in the Meshes of Betrayal: The Fiction of Kostas Kotzias and the Unnamable Leader,” by Thomas Doulis
145“Kevin Andrews—An Appraisal,” by Anthony Papalas
163“Review: The Open Hearth: The First Generation: A Novel of Immigration: Thomas Doulis,” reviewed by Anastasia Stefanidou
167“Review: The Pure Lover: David Plante,” reviewed by Alfred Corn
170“Review: Passion Maps: Adrianne Kalfopoulou,” reviewed by Hilary Sideris

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