Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Greek American Homicide Detective – "The Greeks of Beaubien Street"

"Saugatuck Township resident Suzanne Jenkins has just released the first book in her series called The Greeks of Beaubien Street. The book is part murder mystery, part drama. The main character, Jill Zannos, is a homicide detective whose family owns a grocery store in Greektown in Detroit. Jenkins says Jill is always walking a fine line between her rough, modern job and her old-fashioned family. But Jill soon finds out that her family has a few secrets that makes her realize they are not as perfect as they seem.

Jenkins grew up in Greektown and she says a lot of what made her Greek, in her mind, was the food. She says her family didn't speak Greek or go to an orthodox church, but they always made Greek food in their home. In the book, Jenkins mentions many places that Detroit natives and Saugatuck resident might recognize, like Christo's Roadhouse in Douglas, Michigan.

Jenkins other interest in policework helped fuse together this mix of family drama and a CSI-like mystery. Jenkins also used her knowledge as a former nurse to fill in the medical details.

She puts a lot of attention into human relationships, especially the how family members and spouses interact with eachother. Jenkins says she put a lot of her experiences over the years in the book."

For a full interview with author Suzanne Jenkins: more/select/326551/The_Greeks_of_Beaubien_Street__Part_murder_mystery__part_family_drama#.UNS13DHpfUE.mailto

(Thanks to DG for bringing this to my attention)

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