Thursday, October 31, 2013

Multi-media Website on Philly' Greek America _ Making Regional Diaspora Communities

Cosmos Philly is about us; our Greek American 

community as a Diaspora culture

"Our goal is to preserve and perpetuate our identity, by sharing our past and present while providing a voice for the community. Via technology, we provide a multi-media platform to the community, region and the world.
Cosmos Philly is recognized as the best Greek multi-media forum covering the metropolitan Philadelphia area. We develop documentaries, news and features via video, photography and reporting. We also provide a variety of blogs from within the community that cover a range of subjects from a global level to the community. Every week, we bring insight to the Greek experience from around the metropolitan area with a sprinkling of the world. If it’s happening here in Philly, be sure that Cosmos Philly will bring it to light.
Founded and headquartered as an independent multi-media social forum for the Greek American community of Philadelphia, USA in the summer of 2011, you can find our team around the streets of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas."

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