Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Acropolis of America – Photographs of Hellenic Heritage


This is the social media site of the Hellenic Culture and Heritage Society that has a mission to promote the celebration, the preservation and the "telling" of the culture and heritage of the Greek Americans that settled in the US since 1874.


The Hellenic Culture and Heritage Society of Lowell, Massachusetts has extensively documented the history of Greek Americans for over a century and wants to make this available to all Greeks through these Facebook pages.

We encourage all Greek immigrants, throughout the world, to join us in this effort and share their photos and stories of relatives and friends. We hope through these pages and lively discussions, we can learn new things about our ancestors, their Journey, life and dreams, and even help discover some relatives along the way.

Let us carry forward with great pride, a beautiful culture with a great history, and a nation that has played such a vital role in what the world has come to know as western civilization.

We have a lot to share, so let us start!

Dr. Charles Nikitopoulos

Contact Info, Email: charlesnikitopoulos@gmail.com OR chrisvaios@yahoo.com

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