Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Alexander Payne on Greek Names and more (Interview video in English, essay in Greek)

Thoughts and quotes:

"I am an American, not as apple pie, but as baklava." A food metaphor to underline ethnic accent.

From Aniston to Payne, all celebrities now claim Greek ethnicity. No competition with Kanakaredes and Stephanopoulos, though, who have taken public pride for resisting name-change.  
Who will write this article?

Alexander Payne describes himself as an earthling who observes reality, America, Greek America, to then interpret. 
If he could only connect his ethnic identity reclamation with his narrative power to tell a complex tale about Greek America! 

Finally, about the title of the show – "Stroumboulopoulos Tonight" – which hosted Payne:
A moment of cultural revenge for the historical onslaught forced upon immigrant names early in the 20th century.

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