Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hellenic Museum of Michigan Exhibit


The Greek musicians of Metro Detroit are pleased to provide an exhibit of the history of their music through the years. Among the groups are the Prevas Brothers, Dino and The Continentals, the Rhodians, the Levendes, the Apollo’s, the Grecians Guards, the Golden Greeks, Romance, Enigma and Oniero.

These musicians are the grateful few who have played a major role in preserving the music of Hellenic culture. Throughout the weddings, baptisms, festivals, concerts and picnics, they gladly and proudly devoted their lives to encourage and promote their musical heritage.

Many groups, from the 1950’s until present have worked hard to ensure that the Hellenic culture’s unique musical history continues. Whether it was singing a simple classic melody bringing back a special memory to one of the senior generation, or exposing youth to Hellenic dance and lyrics for the first time, it has been an extraordinary privilege for this unique group of musicians.

All the Greek groups in Detroit, from the beginning to present, have had a special bond, respect and friendship which to date is unrivaled nationally. It is for that reason we honor those who played a major role in entertaining generations, training and mentoring their successors and ensuring that future generations of Greek-Americans can still enjoy what they held sacred.

Enjoy the sounds of Greece.

The Hellenic Museum of Michigan is located at 67 E. Kirby.

Opening of the exhibit will take place Thursday, November 21,
5-9 pm with live music throughout the evening. Refreshments will be served. For additional information, call 313-871-4100.

Regular Museum hours are Saturdays, 12 – 4 p.m. while building restoration continues. 

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