Thursday, November 7, 2013

When Greek Diaspora Comedians Pursuit Ethnic Roots

Documentary in the Making: The State of Stand Up Comedy in Greece 

Director and producer (and former TV personality!) George Tsioutsioulas will be in Greece from November 18-25 shooting a documentary on stand up comedian Angelo Tsarouchas who is doing a show at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.

George is looking for interesting, engaging and well spoken people to interview in Athens about the following things: Greece's emerging comedy scene, Greece's contribution to the Arts, the economy and how Greece is being portrayed by the media, etc.  Any leads are welcome; please contact George directly at

Part of the story is Angelo's journey in fulfilling a lifelong dream, but the other aspect is shedding some light on what is happening in Greece right now and why it is happening.  It seems Greece- the country where theatre and specifically comedy and tragedy was born- has been slow to recognize and embrace the idea of stand up comedy. It appears this is starting to change and George would like to explore the reasons why it's taken this long...and why now.

In the meantime, Here is a little teaser of the documentary:

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