Friday, November 1, 2013

Yiayia and Pappou Photo Contest 2013

Photo by Danae Renieri 

For guidelines see,

This is a wonderful project!
But why restrict the competition to photographers of Greek descent only?
Why not be all-inclusive, and welcome photos and stories by "non-Greek" spouses, neighbors, and friends? We all stand to benefit from their perspective.


  1. ...because it's yiayia and pappou project...and not a grandma-granpa one.
    αυτοπεροριζεται σημειολογικα......(ισως ηθελαν απλως κατι μονον Ελληνικο)!
    η φωτο της Ρενιερη εξοχη!!!(ανεξαρτητα αν ειναι 'η οχι ελληνες το ζευγος ηλικιωμενων)

  2. Only if we think of "yiayia and pappou" as biological and not social relations. A non-Greek spouse incorporated in Greek American kinship networks may also adopt the terms, and thus make a legitimate claim for their representation.