Sunday, December 8, 2013

Greek Transnational Media – Dialogos

An introduction

Dialogos Media was founded in 2010, and since then, has developed a presence in broadcast, online, and print media, both in the United States and in Greece. Our group of media outlets includes Dialogos Radio, a weekly radio program which airs on two radio stations in the United States and two in Greece; Dialogos Radio 24/7, an online radio station broadcasting quality Greek music and the best programming from the Dialogos Radio archive; and our column, “Dialogos,” which periodically appears in Truthout, the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos. All of our media outlets operate on an entirely non-commercial, non-profit basis.

Humble beginnings

Dialogos Media started as a weekly radio program by the name of Austin Hellenic Radio, which aired on the student-run KVRX 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas beginning on August 27, 2010. Initially airing in the early mornings, Austin Hellenic Radio soon made a name for itself in the Austin area for its broadcasts, which featured quality Greek music from multiple eras and genres, special segments on Greek music and culture, and weekly interviews with notable personalities from the Greek and Greek-American communities. The launch of our broadcasts coincided with the the beginnings of the economic and political crisis in Greece, which received a tremendous amount of international media attention, and which Austin Hellenic Radio covered, through its broadcasts, practically from day one. After a year of early morning broadcasts, Austin Hellenic Radio moved to a “prime time” slot on KVRX’s schedule in August 2011, while in early 2012, the program began to be rebroadcast by WUSB 90.1 FM for listeners in the Long Island, New York region, with the name Long Island Hellenic Radio.

New identity: the birth of Dialogos Radio and our expansion into print

Beginning in the summer of 2012. Austin Hellenic Radio and Long Island Hellenic Radio, following almost two years of steady growth in both listenership and popularity, were unified under a new name, Dialogos Radio. Our broadcasts continued on both KVRX and WUSB, and in addition, our Huffington Post column was launched in June 2012, to provide an additional outlet for news and commentary about Greece. In September 2012, the host of Dialogos Radio, Michael Nevradakis, earned the opportunity to relocate to Greece as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar, and he took Dialogos Radio and Dialogos Media along with him. In collaboration with the Star Radio Network in Greece, Dialogos Radio continued its weekly broadcasts from a new studio in Athens, and soon began to be rebroadcast on Star Radio 104.6 FM for listeners in the islands of Rodos and Symi, Greece. Our writing in the Huffington Post also continued, and soon expanded to another online outlet, the Daily Kos, as well. In November 2012, Dialogos Radio launched its new online radio counterpart, Dialogos Radio 24/7, which featured an extensive and diverse playlist of quality Greek music, as well as programming and interviews from the vast archive of Dialogos Radio and Austin Hellenic Radio. In April 2013, Dialogos Radio expanded again, as our broadcasts began to be aired on City International 106.1 FM in Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia. In October 2013, Dialogos Radio further expanded, launching its broadcast in the city of Volos, Greece on Radio Mythos 102.2 FM and in Australia on the 24-hour Greek-Australian radio station Radio ENA, which broadcasts in the greater Adelaide region. Dialogos Radio is now heard on six radio stations in three continents! In November 2013, the Dialogos Radio network few further, as our program began to be rebroadcast twice per week on the Radio Symi web radio station.

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