Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Value of Public Humanities

Classes have been cancelled today at Ohio State, because of extreme cold, and after having spent five hours working on a paper about public humanities I am treated to an email of appreciation for my writings in this blog.

I am sharing (with permission) excerpts from this message not only because it inspires me to keep going with this project, but also because it may motivate further work by others on Greek American public humanities.

Here is the heart-warming appreciation received in a freezing cold day:

"I'm writing from ... after spending 3 hours reading most of your blog (and anything related). I'm very far from my family, hours away from any areas with a Greek American population, and yet I have never felt more connected to my heritage...

I've struggled as an adult with questions about my place in the Greek American community (to which I'm both deeply connected & isolated)...

My online quest for insight & perspective has been discouraging. Resources are hard to find, the & most relevant insights are coming from academia, often inaccessible or prohibitively expensive. I couldn't believe my luck when I started reading your posts, I simply had to stop to email & tell you how much I appreciate your work & your perspective on the diverse group that Greek Americans can be. I've suddenly realized I've been taking criticisms to heart that are ridiculously outdated, and not worth depriving myself of community. Raised by a Greek immigrant, the church & community disapproved of my American mother. Reading your blog has renewed my hope that I'll find a way to 'be Greek American' and enjoy being a part of my community again. I simply had to write to express my appreciation."


  1. This letter is really inspiring to all of us! Keep going!

  2. I am truly very happy to read this. This blog is priceless for many of us.

  3. as a comment please read the text under the photo of proff. David Holton in this link