Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Greek American Studies Resource Portal – Let us know about the latest Greek American film, novel, documentary, dissertation, MA Thesis, autobiography, poetry collection, translation and other cultural production

The Modern Greek Studies Association's Transnational Studies Committee is currently updating the Greek American Studies Resource Portal. The creation of this Resource Portal grew out of the expressed desire by academics, students and cultural producers alike to provide information on research, activities, and resources in the field of Greek American Studies broadly defined.
We request scholars, writers, artists and other cultural producers whose work explores the Greek world in the United States and/or the connections between Greece and the United States (repatriated Greek Americans, Greek films on Greek America, Greek writings about Greek Americans, etc.) to submit the full citation of their work in MLA format, including a two to three sentence description of their work. We also welcome citations of other resources that are not presently included.  


Yiorgos Anagnostou, The Ohio State University
Peter Jeffreys, Suffolk
Co-chairs, Transnational Studies Committee.

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