Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Golden Dawn in NYC – a short film and a response

"The film offers an in-depth look at what the Greek community in New York City is thinking and doing about the rise in Greece of one of the most virulent neo-Nazi parties in Europe, Golden Dawn. Polls indicate that Golden Dawn has grown into Greece’s third largest political party since the 2008 economic crisis. Filmmaker Richard Ledes decided to find out what the Greeks of New York City thought about the extraordinary rise of the party. Ledes places Golden Dawn in the context of the price America has paid previously for complacency in the face of the rise of Nazism in Europe."


And the GD response:

"Golden Dawn witch hunt targets members of the Greek-American community"

"A witch-hunt with a chiefly anti-Marxist slant has been launched by the New York arm of Golden Dawn against Greek expat professors, luminaries, activists of the American left, as well as other distinguished members of the Greek-American community. In an act of ‘retaliation’, as they themselves called it, against the ‘criminals’ and their ‘conspiracy’, the Greek-American Golden Dawn published personal details, phone numbers and addresses of whomever they put in their sights.

According to the post on their website, the neo-fascists decided to target the particular Greeks and Greek-Americans because they ‘dared’ to give their opinions about Golden Dawn in the documentary, “Golden Dawn, NYC.” They dub it, ‘a propaganda film against Golden Dawn pretending to be a documentary’ and attack all those who speak against the group in it. They don’t restrict themselves to slander however. They proceed to publish personal details, asking that their readers call them and… take to task all those who dared speak out."


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