Monday, August 25, 2014

Αντώνης Νταλγκάς _ Της Ξενιτιάς ο Πόνος (1935)

Για σένα κλαίγω μάνα μου γλυκιά kαι υποφέρω μες στην ξενιτιά. Δεν θέλω μάνα ποτέ να κλάψεις, για το παιδί σου κερί ν' ανάψεις.

"Tis Xenitias O Ponos" (The Exile's Grief)) is about loneliness and the condition of having to live in a foreign land, a common theme in rembetika. The melody is from the famous Turkish song called "her yer karanlik", often recorded in both Turkey and Greece from the 20s up to the present day.

This song was probably recorded in Athens 1935 for release in the U.S. ca. 1938. Vocals: A. Dalgas, Lira: Lambros Leondharidis.

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