Sunday, August 3, 2014

Greeks Gone West _ Of Greeks and Greek Americans

H «Καθημερινή» παρουσιάζει το αφιέρωμα της αμερικανικής πρεσβείας στην Αθήνα σε 23 Έλληνες και Ελληνοαμερικανούς που έκαναν το ελληνικό όνειρο να ανθίσει.

“Greeks Gone West” is a series of video vignettes the US Embassy in Athens made about the world of work in the US. Through the prism of Greeks and Greek-Americans with interesting work lives, we hope to improve the understanding of US society and to show possibilities during a time, in Greece, when life seems full of limitations and frustrations.

Each video is roughly three minutes long and addresses how each of the 23 participants came to do what they do, whether a music supervisor, a film director, an HIV doctor, a restaurateur, an advertising guru, fashion designer and several other people, and what they plan to do next. We hear about their experiences and relations with Greece, but mainly we hear how they've pushed through the toughest parts of their journey. We plan to profile a pathologist, a music producer, a fashion designer, a chef, a video game designer, and several other people.

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