Saturday, February 14, 2015

Teaching Athens _ Visual Resources

There is the experience of some precious moments when the vast, amorphous energy a teacher invests in the classroom crystallizes into a tangible moment of gratification.

I do not necessarily refer to the moment of a positive student evaluation, we all know this territory is nebulous.

I refer to the moment when a former student writes to share material about a course's subject matter.

In the middle of a distressful Saturday I received the following note which recalibrated the day:

"I would like to share a nice collection of Athenian Photographs that could be added to the archives of your Athens class documenting both the Old and Modern City":

A biography of a course 
animates beyond campus 
Unexpected fragments
return traces 
of an unknown trajectory
Spill memories
of an early chapter,

Many thanks GP! I reciprocate:
(and do not forget to turn in Thursday's assignment...)

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