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Charles Moskos (partial bibliography, early 1970s to 1998)

Looking at some files from graduate school (1992-1999), I came across this bibliography about the work of sociologist Charles Moskos:

1973. Review of monographs on the sociology of Greek Americans. Contemporary Sociology, Vol. 2 (1):82–83. [Reprinted as "The Sociology of Greek Americans," Epitheorisis Koinonikon Erevnon [The Greek Journal of Social Research], Vol. 14, pp. 210–21. Reprinted in Hellenic Chronicle, Feb. 22, 1973, p. 8.?]

1974. “Spiro Agnew and Greek Americans: A Hero's Rise and Fall,” Chicago Tribune, April 25, p. 22. [Reprinted in Athens News, June 12, 1974, p. 7.]

1976. “The Greek Experience in America.” Balkan Studies. Vol. 17 (1): 391–96.

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[Reprinted in Jeanne Guillemin, ed., Anthropological Realities, New Brunswick, N.J. Transaction, 1981, pp. 387–400.]

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Chicago: Modern Greek Studies Series.

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1998. “The Greeks in the United States.” In The Greek Diaspora in the Twentieth Century. Richard Clogg, ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press (in press).


Goal: to set research agenda for international social science community on armed forces and society.

Short-range aim: to show how scholarly work can shape public policy.

Long-range aim: show sociology’s raison d’etre is to be anti-economics.

Also, chronicler of Greek American experience. [Source?]

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