Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alexander Payne: Visit to Greece revitalizes diaspora connection

"Looking at the dire straits that Greece is in, is 'horrifying, heartbreaking and frustrating,' said Payne, who is in the country during one its most intense political crises this weekend, 'and there doesn't seem to be a solution.'

'I have to tell you I've been very touched to be here; it's been meaningful for me to be here, even for three days, to talk to people, to feel it, to feel a little more solidarity,' added Payne. 'We Greeks of the Diaspora read the paper every day, scratch our heads, very heartbroken, but feeling very much in solidarity. I'm American and I have a much different life than if my grandparents had not emigrated – I'm not saying better, just different – but it's in situations like this that my Greek DNA and my Greek heart are reawakened.'"

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