Tuesday, May 13, 2014

George Papanikolaou's 131th Birthday

It is high time indeed for a history of Greek Americans who
 –to paraphrase Charles C. Moskos–
searched not for a better life but for a better world 

George Papanikolaou (1883-1962)

«το ιδανικόν μου δεν είναι να πλουτίσω, ούτε να ζήσω ευτυχής αλλά να εργασθώ, να δράσω, να δημιουργήσω, να κάμω κάτι τι αντάξιον ενός ανθρώπου ηθικού και δυνατού» 

“My ideal is not to become rich or to live happily, but rather to lead a life of work and action, create and accomplish something worthy of a moral and strong person”

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